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Migranorsk Start and Norwegian Sounds

Migranorsk Start

“Migranorsk Start” is a new course dedicated to beginners. It teaches basic vocabulary and phrases.   The course was specially created to help foreigners to improve pronunciation at an initial phase.  A lot of listening exercises make the learner practice the difficult sounds of the Norwegian language by listening and repeating them many times.   The video episodes have Norwegian, English, Polish, French and Spanish subtitles. 

“Migranorsk Start” aims to give learners basic skills allowing them to continue their Norwegian language studies with Migranorsk General (Allmenn).

Norwegian Sounds

The study plan for beginners has also a complementary course which name is “Norwegian Sounds”.  This module is a pronunciation course comprising much more listening exercises than “Migranorsk Start”.  “Norwegian Sounds” is a course recommended to all learners despite their proficiency in Norwegian. The course has different levels.

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Basic alphabetization for minority language speakers with little or no formal education.

All-round language tuition with social studies. 

Courses designed for working life. 



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