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Migranorsk and Min vei are two acknowledged online Norwegian course programs authorized to certificate the hours worked in the program as a part of the hours of obligatory Norwegian language training. It is in conformity to the "Act relating to rights and obligations relating to Norwegian language training".



Fagbokforlaget is a nationwide, independent publisher of literature founded in 1992 with headquarters in Bergen and offices in Oslo and Gdansk.  We develop and distribute knowledge of high academic and educational quality for use in teaching and professional growth for the entire training course, nursery, primary, secondary, adult and higher education. is Fagbokforlaget's online school which offers approved Norwegian language courses to foreigners and immigrants living in Norway.  The study plans include access to our online programs and online tuition. At the end of the course students who have completed the course receive a certificate.  There is no final exam at the end of the course.


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Students can choose between two different online programs offering many interactive exercises, dictionary and tests:


a video based program with more than 100 video episodes telling the story of Nita, a girl from India who moved to Norway
Min vei a text based course


The teaching plan is individual and in accordance to student's Norwegian language skills and goals.  It includes both written and oral training. The following activities may be a part of the program:

  • Interview with an online tutor to organize the study plan and goals
  • Online pre-test, for students who are not beginners. The test will show the correct level to start with 
  • Use of an online program which includes oral and written exercises
  • Oral communication practice by online meetings (individual or with groups)
  • Assistance from online tutor (sending of exercises, grammar explanations and (feedbacks)

Important: By the moment Fagbokforlaget is not offering the 50 hours of knowledge in Norwegian society. 

Our self-study plan is ideal for immigrants who do not have enough time to attend traditional classroom courses and like e-learning.  Discipline, motivation and commitment are very important keys for succeeding with an e-learning study plan.

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For information about "The right and duty to Norwegian language training"  visit:

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Basic alphabetization for minority language speakers with little or no formal education.

All-round language tuition with social studies. 

Courses designed for working life. 



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