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Some tips for the starting phase

With the freedom and flexibility of the online environment comes responsibility.  The online process takes a real commitment and discipline to keep up with the flow of the process. It is important that you dedicate time to your studies.

Some tips

·         Find out first if you are an e-learner.  

·         Set clear and attainable goals to your study plan.  Goals are simple tools to help us succeed.       

·         Things take time – remember that it takes time to learn a new language - don’t give up! 

·         Don’t set such strict demands on yourself in the beginning. Short time memory has a limited storage capacity.  

·         It is better with several short work intervals than a few long ones.

·         Do a schedule and follow it. An example of a good habit is studying on the Internet for 90 minutes three of four days a week.

·         Repetition, repetition, repetition… is the key for all language learning.

·         Play the videos several times. First in English and then without subtitles. Focus on what the actors are saying and doing and what is taking place when they are talking.  Experience the concepts used in real context. 

·         Play all soundtracks several times.   

·         Try to memorize the vocabulary lists. 

·         Do not focus on grammar in the beginning. The most important is to understand concepts and establish a foundation for the new language to develop. Grammar practice will come later.   


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Basic alphabetization for minority language speakers with little or no formal education.

All-round language tuition with social studies. 

Courses designed for working life. 



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