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Migranorsk At Work

Improve your professional language!

We offer a range of blended courses designed for working life. The courses are for learners who have reached an intermediate Norwegian language level.  

Migranorsk At Work consists of several modules designed for particular professional areas.  The courses are ideal for those working with health care and nursing, sales and service, in canteens and other areas.

The modules can be used as independent courses or be linked to Migranorsk General, so that they work together as a complete study program. 

HMS for employees - Workplace health, safety and welfare

We have also developed a general Health, Safety and Welfare course. The interactive training course gives learners enough information about health, environment and security at workplace. This course applies to a very wide range of workplaces. Translation to Polish and English.  


HMS for construction work employees - Workplace health, safety and welfare

An interactive course teaches language involving health, work environments and safety issues for those working in the Building and Construction sector. Translation to Polish and English.


We can offer you 8 different modules:

  • The ABC of working life
  • Healthcare
  • Canteen
  • Working with children
  • Sales and service
  • Norwegian for public administration
  • HMS general
  • HMS for construction work employees


Online tuition

Language tuition for a trade should include vocabulary suited to specific professional activities and provide language and cultural knowledge that employees should have in order to be able to carry out their work in a satisfactory manner.

Enhance your performance at work!

Understanding industry codes, terminology and culture is a prerequisite for safe and secure work routines, as well as for socializing and feeling part of the team at the workplace.

Language courses designed for working life are developed in close co-operation with the Norwegian business community. Migranorsk Arbeidsliv


Contact us for prices and more information about the various At Work modules:


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Basic alphabetization for minority language speakers with little or no formal education.

All-round language tuition with social studies. 

Courses designed for working life. 



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